Used Cars – Buy Smart

384 × 750Looking to buy a used car? You are not alone. Nearly 40 million used cars change hands each year. You can find used cars in a variety of places, but finding the right one, at the right price, can present challenges.
Here are some helpful steps to help you in your used car buying journey:
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2017 Lincoln MKC Discounts

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This SUV with all wheel drive is waiting for you to take it home. Special Dealer Discount and Retail Dealer Cash bring this beautiful Lincoln to an incredibly low price of $32,542. Sale ends 4/30/18.

Lincoln & Mazda of Olympia

Your Trusted Local New and Used Car Dealership!!!

(800) 678-9210

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Mazda & Racing

2048 × 1180Mazda, as manufacturer has a long history in the motorsports world. Starting in 1968 with a pair of Mazda Cosmo 110 Sport Coupes being entered in the 84-hour Marathon de la Route in Germany on the famed Nurburgring circuit.
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2018 Mazda CX-5

428 × 270Mazda has redesigned the CX-5 for 2018 for a more mature and capable compact SUV. Improved ride comfort, and interior quality combined with typical high craftsmanship from Mazda, make this a very attractive choice in an extremely competitive market.
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