Keep Your Tires Shining with These Tips

With warmer weather here, our team here at Lincoln & Mazda of Olympia Group understand the importance of taking care of your vehicle. While keeping your wheels and tires clean keeps them looking good, it can also help with maintaining them as well.

When choosing a cleaner for your wheels, find one that's safe and appropriate for the wheel material. Some of the main types of wheel types to look for is chrome, aluminum, and coated. You can also look for a safe for all wheels formula as well.

Once you've found the right cleaner and tire brush for your vehicle, clean them one at a time. This will help prevent the cleaner from getting dried out and sticking to the wheel's surface. After you've thoroughly washed and rinsed the tires, you can move on to the next one. You'll also want to dry off the wheels with either a microfiber or terry cloth towel as well.



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