Why Your Car is Suddenly Noisy

Some cars are meant to be noisy. Their exhaust systems are designed to emit noise to attract attention as they move around. However, that sound reverberates to the rear of your vehicle. If you detect an increase of engine noise levels inside the cabin, then the likely culprit is an exhaust leak.

Exhaust leaks are dangerous. Your exhaust system moves toxic gasses created inside your engine along a pipe system to emit at the rear of your vehicle where the gasses blend with the ambient air and disperse the concentration enough to make them harmless. When there is a leak, the gasses may concentrate in the enclosed area of your cab, displacing the air and creating a toxic environment.

Come to Lincoln & Mazda of Olympia Group if you believe you believe you have an exhaust leak for a full diagnosis of your exhaust system. Your safety is our principal concern.



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