The History of Mazda

Mazda’s home city of Hiroshima is known for its incredible challenger spirit. Like a phoenix rising, the people of Hiroshima rebuilt their beloved city from the ground up. It’s what inspires them to be more nimble, strategic, and most of all – creative. And it’s ultimately what led them to mass-produce the rotary engine and win the 24 Hours of Le Mans when nobody believed they could. This silent strength is what fuels them to keep challenging the status quo, each and every day. 

The Rotary Engine
The legendary rotary engine was developed starting in 1961. When Mazda set out to develop a flawless rotary engine in 1961, it was just a distant pipe dream for other automakers. Their tenacious engineers fought through a number of setbacks like chatter marks on the inner walls of the rotor housing. Ultimately, they conquered these so-called “nail marks of the devil” with high-strength carbon infused seals. The labor of love paid off when they successfully introduced the Cosmo Sport, the world’s first volume production sports car powered by a rotary engine.

The Miata
In true Mazda fashion, one passionate engineer dared to be different. At a time when the lightweight sports car segment was all but extinct, Kenichi Yamamoto led the development of the first generation Mazda MX-5 Miata. He and his team had one mission: Build a lightweight sports car that’s a pure joy to drive. They stopped at nothing to reach this goal, even incurring extra costs to achieve the agility they were after. In the end, in 1989, every ounce of effort was worth it. They created a fan favorite, with more than a million Miatas on the road today.

Skyactiv Technology
Mazda believes vehicles should be engineered to maximize driving dynamics and efficiency. Body design construction to engine technology in every Mazda vehicle embodies that philosophy. They developed Skyactiv technology to give the driver the most out of every mile driven.

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